Rosalind Boyd PhD (28K)



Dr Boyd’s research interests include gender and democratic development, focusing on the inclusion of women in the transition from oppositional struggle to management and/or transformation of the state, with recent research in Uganda, Rwanda, El Salvador, Indonesia and South Africa.

Her other research activities cover critical studies of economic globalization, human security, women workers, child labour, informal sector, refugees, environmental management, labour migration, human rights, knowledge systems and resistance literature. She is now completing a book on women and democratization under the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Uganda (in two phases, 1986-1996; 1996-2006), a country in which she has worked since 1987.

Dr Boyd was also the Director/Principal Investigator of the innovative research program "Gender and Human Security Issues" previously based at the CDAS in cooperation with the Women’s Centre of Montreal and several other organizations, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada (SSHRC) under their program of Community-University Research Alliance (CURA).

This research-action program (2000-2005) built on her earlier work with women in conflict situations and involved a team of researchers from universities and communities in an alliance locally and globally in order to examine different issues related to women and armed conflict, the aftermath of war for societies, human rights, peacebuilding, political reconciliation and trauma.

The primary focus of this research was on the Great Lakes region of Africa, with comparative work from various other regions where military conflicts continue to disrupt societal development. See her article in Development in Practice (England, 2005) for a fuller description of this research.

She is also completing an edited volume Gender Perspectives on Human Security which addresses the gender-based violence that women experience in war situations and the ways in which women are demanding to be “at the table” in resolving conflicts as they assert new initiatives for lasting peace (including UN Security Council Resolution 1325).

Other projects include:
-  writing the national profile of women in Uganda for the Canadian government (CIDA, 1990); research and organization for building an African regional strategy and network on women, constitutions and democratic development (South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia, 1993);
-  initiating an international women’s observer group to monitor the Constituent Assembly elections in Uganda (1994); giving a short course on gender issues in the context of women’s leadership in Amman, Jordan for the Jordanian National Committee on Women (1995);
-  developing the gender policy and strategy for an environmental training program in Jordan (1996); designing and giving three-month courses in Women’s Studies for Indonesian women scholars (1997 and 1999);
-  and working with the collaborative environmental project in Indonesia as the gender advisor (1998-2000).