Rosalind Boyd PhD (28K)

Emergent Intellectual Formations: Positioning Universities and Regional Cultures in a Post-Colonial Era


When discussing the "complexity of hegemony", Raymond Williams states that "educational institutions are usually the main agencies of the transmission of an effective dominant culture" (Problems 39). Hegemony following Gramsci constitutes a process of "deeply saturating the consciousness", permeating all practices and expectations, not least of all institutions. This presentation examines universities in post-colonial societies as agencies transmitting the "effective dominant culture", and then focuses on new intellectual formations within post-colonial societies that challenge Western cultural hegemony in these institutions and, consequently, challenge dominant Western paradigms as institutionalized knowledge. While many argue for an opening of the social sciences or against the artificial barriers of disciplines, our presentation calls for a more fundamental transformation of “institutionalized knowledge” and a recognition of the university as a hegemonic institution that limits the possibilities of emancipatory praxis. We are entering this discussion through the prism of knowledge that has been transplanted to post-colonial societies as part of the continuation of Western cultural hegemony. Is it possible to break or rupture this inherited legacy embedded in conquest?

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