Rosalind Boyd PhD (28K)

Uganda Archive: A Specialized Collection of Resource Material on Uganda Dedicated to the memory of Andrew Forbes


The following “specialized collection of materials on Uganda” was gathered during various field trips that Rosalind Boyd took to that country beginning in 1987. The original schema for organizing the material was put together by the late Andrew Forbes who was tragically murdered in Arua, Uganda in 1993. The listing has been periodically updated with a number of new documents now covering the period 1987-2005.

The collection is divided into four sections:

-  Reports, unpublished papers, articles, speeches, etc.;
-  Government publications;
-  Serials; and
-  Books

The material focuses primarily on gender issues, the economy and reconstituting the polity (i.e., the 1998 Land Bill, the 1995 Constitution, etc.). All of the material is available for consultation by contacting Rosalind Boyd directly. The collection will be augmented as she continues her field research work concerning the democratization process in Uganda as well as new research in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

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