Rosalind Boyd PhD (28K)

Struggles in the Americas: The Emergence of a New Civil Society.


Rosalind Boyd and S.J. Noumoff, eds. 2003. Struggles in the Americas: The Emergence of a New Civil Society. Montréal: Centre for Developing-Area Studies, 227 pp.

This publication is derived from the conference held at the CDAS in February 2003. The purpose of the conference was to engage in an open dialogue on how civil society can be strengthened in order to build hemispheric networks and reinforce solidarity among civil society groups. This volume consists of 11 written presentations that represent a wide-variety of viewpoints and covers the main spectrum of the current discourse on civil society. Five of the papers given by Latin American colleagues illuminate our understanding of resistance movements and struggles in Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. The six other papers describe the diverse perspectives that activists have experienced or observed on the new forms of social organizations, especially over the last decade, as they contest the persistent intrusive agenda of globalization. Contributors include Victor Armony, Margarita Lopez Maya, Ricardo Vargas, Ana Dinerstein, Alberto Spagnolo, John Foster, John Saxby, Aziz Choudry, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Jorge Cabrera, Dorval Brunelle and Warren Allmand.