Rosalind Boyd PhD (28K)

Guest Lectures

In addition to teaching, advising and supervising theses in McGill’s International Development Studies Program from 1997-2008, Dr Boyd has lectured in Canada and abroad (including previously Uganda, Indonesia and Jordan) on various development issues. In 1995, she gave a series of lectures on gender and tourism in the context of globalization at the Centro de Investigaciones de Economia Internacional (CIEI), Universidad de la Habana, Cuba; and in 1996, she was a guest lecturer at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland on the problems of the girl-child as exploited labourers. See her presentation "The Gendered Character of Child Labour and the Implications for Advocacy Work" and her "Introduction: Child Labour Within the Globalizing Economy" in Labour, Capital and Society "Special Issue on Child Labour" 27: 2, November 1994.

More recently, she has been an invited guest speaker in:

-  Montreal (2013 January) providing "An Overview of Uganda in 2012: 50 Years after Independence". Guest Seminar on Globalization, Education and Change. McGill University, Montreal.

-  Havana, Cuba(2009 March)on “The Socio-economic Impact of the Current Global Financial Turbulence on Canadians”. XI Encuentro Internacional de Economistas sobre Globalización y Problemas del Desarrollo, Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba.

-  Quebec City (2008 May) on "La lutte pour une perspective critique sur la recherche en développement international dans les quatre universités montréalaises: un apercu historique”. Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS), Québec City

-  Havana, Cuba (2008 March) on “Popular Resistance to Canada’s Changing Political Economy: Implications for the Americas”. X Encuentro Internacional de Economistas sobre Globalización y Problemas del Desarrollo, Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba.

-  Caracas, Venezuela (2008 March) on “Core Challenges to Women’s Rights in our Contemporary Global System”. Conference on Patriarchy, Poverty and Development. Centro Internacional Miranda, Caracas, Venezuela

-  Zacatecas, Mexico (2008 March) on “Critical Issues on Labour and Capitalism in Societies of the South”. Workshop on Critical Development Studies, Zacatecas, Mexico

-  Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007 August) on “Militarism and Neo-liberalism in the Name of ‘Security’: Shifting Canada’s Place Globally and in the Americas”. Primer Encuentro Nacional e Internacional sobre Economía Política y Derechos Humanos. Universidad Popular Madres de Plaza de Mayo. 23 al 25 de Agosto del 2007. Buenos Aires, Argentina

-  Havana, Cuba (2006 February 8) on “Examining the Struggles of Labour in China as a Response to the Current Restructuring of Global Capitalism”. Social Impact Commission. VIII Encuentro Internacional de Economistas Sobre Globalizacion y Problemas del Desarrollo. 6 al 10 de Febrero de 2006. Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, Cuba.

-  Washington, DC (2005 September 13) for the opening presentation on “A Policy Framework for Women’s Involvement in Conflict Resolution: Obstacles and Challenges”. Conference on Building for the Future: Women’s Role in Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction. Woodrow Wilson International Institute for Scholars, Washington, DC;

-  Mexico (2005 March 29-30) for a presentation entitled “Positioning the struggles of labour in the current restructuring of global capitalism/ Posicionando las luchas de los trabajadores en la reestructuración presente del capitalismo global”. Coloquio Internacional Globalización en América Latina: Economía y Sociedad”. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Unidad Iztapalapa (Area de Economía Política) Mexico, D.F.;

-  Berlin, Germany (2003 October 24-25) for a presentation on “The Canadian Human Security Approach: A Gender-Sensitive Strategy?” for the Closing Panel on Human Security as a Foreign Policy Tool? Feminist Institute of the Heinrich Boll Foundation in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation;

-  Toronto, Canada (2003 August 25-26) on “Masculinity, men and gender in security discussions”. Workshop entitled “Canadian Perspectives on Security, Conflict and Gender: Advancing Research, Advocacy and Policy”. York University, Centre for International and Security Studies, Toronto, Canada.

-  Cuba (2000 July 4) for a presentation on “Social Dimensions of the Globalized World Economy”, Presentation at the International Seminar “America Latina y Cuba ante la economia mundial del siglo XXI”, Centre for the Study of the International Economy (CIEI), Universidad de La Habana, Cuba.

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